Relay around the world – Olympic Games 2020-2024

Issue 21: 10/3/2023 General Schoolwide News News (Reflections and Achievements)

On Tuesday 14/03/2023 between 9am and 10am FIS will put on our sneakers to participate in the Relay around the World Olympic Games 2020-2024.

This race will bring together 200 runners to celebrate the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in just over a year.

Our team will receive the virtual baton from South Korea and pass it to Cambodia, as we run through TKO for our leg of the relay in a 60 hectometre loop to celebrate 60 years of our school.

The event will bring together our 6ème, CM2 and Year 6 students as well as students from Carmel school, members of the Alliance française, former top French sportsmen, Alexandre Dujardin and Rafa Merkis, professional footballers from Hong Kong, Nicole Sicard and Paulette Tsoi as well as representatives from the Belgian, Quebec and French Consulates.

On the road to Paris 2024!

A race co-organised by the French Consulate of Hong Kong, the Sport Club (an association of former high-level French athletes living in Hong Kong) and FIS.

Alexandra Cabrit
Primary Teacher