Drug Regulations in Hong Kong

Issue 17: 3/2/2023 , News (Reflections and Achievements)

Please find a notice from the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau regarding Drug Regulations in Hong Kong from 1st February. An English translation is provided below.

Drug use and trafficking in Hong Kong: extremely severe criminal consequences, including for minors and their families, tightened since 1st February, 2023

Every year, many people in Hong Kong, including young people and especially foreigners, are sentenced to heavy penalties for drug use and possession.

Beyond the known harmful effects on health and the risks of addiction, the legal and penal consequences of drug use, possession and trafficking are extremely severe in the territory. It is therefore important for everyone to be aware of the risk to themselves and their families if they possess, consume or traffic drugs, including during festive and social events that are considered safe, but which can lead to arrests by the police.

In Hong Kong, regulations are much stricter than in Europe and zero tolerance is applied. The classification of substances as drugs is different and some products that are legal in Europe are forbidden here.

What is considered a ‘drug’ in Hong Kong?

The most known substances include:

Effective 1st February 2023:

Additionally :

No difference between “hard” and “soft” drugs in Hong Kong:

What are the risks, for adults or minors?

ATTENTION: Minors are criminally responsible.

And the parents of minors, what do they risk?

So be vigilant and responsible!