FIS Victor Segalen Speaking Competition 2022-2023

Issue 17: 3/2/2023 From the Principal

Dear School Community

The French Stream Secondary is organising a speaking competition, in partnership with the Consulate.

Congratulations to Mr. Descambs, Head of the French Literature department and his team for this excellent initiative to help our students succeed.

Please find below the details of the project, as described by Mr. Descambs.

FIS Victor Segalen Speaking Competition 2022-2023

Public speaking and a mastery of eloquence are skills that are evaluated as early as the “brevet des collèges” (high school diploma) and at the Baccalaureate with the “Grand Oral”. They are essential when entering higher education, private schools or in professional life. It is also about celebrating the richness of the French language, bringing to life the French spirit of conversation and debate. The objectives are to encourage eloquence, reflection, the spirit of challenge, audacity and creativity in the field of speech.

(This proposal is inspired by the eloquence contest organised by the Ministry of Armed Forces:

The contest is open to all students in Première and Terminale classes and is supported by the Consulate General of France, which is fully associated with it.

Subject Matter

Candidates are free to deal with a previously given topic. All candidates will be offered a topic in the form of a quotation from the work of Victor Segalen.

This quotation will be used in the candidate’s performance and will be integrated into his or her reflection on the theme or themes it suggests; once this minimal framework has been established, there are no limitations on the treatment of the subject (types of discourse, registers, etc.). It is not a matter of reciting an essay.

The quotation from Segalen that was chosen in agreement with Mr. Cabouat, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action for the Consulate General of France, this year is the following: “Does the imaginary fall apart or is it strengthened when it is confronted with the real?”


Pre-selections will be organised in the form of an interview with two teachers from the Humanities Department. The 7 best candidates selected for the competition will receive training in public speaking to enhance their commitment.


Judging Panel

The judging panel will be open to anyone from charitable, professional or political worlds for whom public speaking is essential (lawyers, opinion leaders, public or institutional figures…). One representative of the judging panel will be designated to lead the deliberations and to arbitrate if necessary.


The winning candidate will win a prize.

Provisional Calendar

Contact :

Charles Pierru
Principal of Secondary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)