REMINDER: Careers Forum 2023

Issue 16: 20/1/2023 University Guidance

Dear all,

Our school is excited to be resuming its annual Careers Forum for our students from both the International and French Streams, from Y10/3ème to Y13/Terminale.

This will be a chance for them to learn about a new trade, career or business and confirm their interest in it. Sharing your experience could help them understand more about their future opportunities and better prepare their higher education plans.

You (or a member of your team) are warmly invited to share your professional expertise with our young and ambitious students. If you are interested, please fill out this form no later than 26th January. That said, please kindly sign up as soon as possible, which allows for smoother planning.

We are still looking for professionals in:

  • Arts / Music / Audio-Visual / Mode
  • Communications
  • Medicine / Health
  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Real Estate
  • Law
  • Humanities / Social Sciences / Languages / Sociology
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Hotel / Restaurant
  • Accounting
  • Editing / Publishing
  • Sport
  • Military
  • Food Industry
  • Ecology / Environment / Sustainable Development
  • Zoology
  • Youtuber / Video Game Creator
Your talk will last approximately 30 minutes; you may have to give it more than once during the Forum, depending on the number of students. Students will be asked to sign up before the event.

A screen will be made available to you if you would like to project a presentation, but it is not a requirement as our students are hoping for dynamic interactions and possible Q&A with you.

They are eager to learn what skills and educational background are needed to succeed in your field and discover more about your professional environment and day-to-day activities.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

We hope to count you among our speakers at this event.

Sign up here

Thanks and best regards,

Jean-Yves Guarneri
Head of University Guidance and Exams | RDD Orientation Examens