FIS Climate Action Day: Sustainability and Community

Issue 11: 2/12/2022 Head of School (E. Bonin)

Tomorrow, our TKO campus will welcome the first large community event on campus since the beginning of the health crisis in Hong Kong. We are expecting close to 250 people to participate in a half-day of educational booths and workshops on the topic of climate change. In this issue of the Bulletin, you will find two other entries related to climate change education. Also know that our Committee for Education on Sustainable Development (CESD), that brings together students, parents, faculty and leaders from the school had its first meeting last week, detailing the roadmap for a number of key projects in the areas of health and environment education.

I wanted to express our pleasure to be able to resume on-campus activities that bring together our FIS parents, students, and faculty. Later this month, on top of this Climate action day, a number of Christmas concerts will be held, and our FIS Community Association (FISCA) is organising a quiz night on 10th December. All these events will of course comply with health and safety requirements, but it is wonderful to know we were able to raise the gauge for participation and could welcome more people in each individual event. This is a great step toward continuing to fulfil our vision of a diverse and engaged community. Many thanks to all the community members who make it possible.

Dr. Emmanuel Bonin
Head of School