Climate Fresk Workshop for CM1 F and CM1 G at TKO

Issue 10: 25/11/2022 French Stream Tseung Kwan O News (Reflections and Achievements) CM1

On Thursday, 17th November, Valerie Thomas, an FIS parent, came to facilitate a Climate Fresk workshop for the classes of CM1 F and G at TKO Campus. For almost 2 hours, the students had the opportunity to reflect, via a card game, on the cause and effect relationships between human actions and climate change. They made large posters in groups that allowed them to make connections and discuss the topic. They were able to express their feelings about climate change and collaborate to create these posters and decorate them to their liking. The session ended with discussions on what kind of actions the kids could commit to at their level towards climate protection. A big thank you to Valerie for this very rich moment of exchange and reflection.

Maëva Labye & Lucie Holicky
CM1 F and CM1 G Teachers