Safety on campus: A plea for help from parents

Issue 6: 21/10/2022 International Stream Blue Pool Road Notices (Upcoming Events) Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13

We need your help.  Something simple….but effective.  As you will be aware, safety on a school campus is a very important aspect of ensuring a secure learning environment for all your children and our faculty.  As a school without a recognised day-to-day uniform, we need a way to ensure that we can quickly identify that the correct people are on our school site.  We have had the recognised system of a school badge for a number of years now, with the ID card and a colour coded lanyard that easily identifies the individual: i.e Navy blue for staff, and a turquoise lanyard for students.

Try as we might, our students are very good at putting the ID cards around their necks when they enter the BPR campus, but a large number then remove them when they get on site.  This then becomes a battle with vie scolaire and admin to try and get them to put them on again.  We have explained to them the need for the visibility of the badges, but ask that you have the conversation this weekend to remind them of why we ask them to wear the badge: to ensure that we can spot strangers on site.  From next Monday onwards students who choose to ignore this simple request will be sent to vie scolaire, to be reminded as to why this is a school requirement.

A big thanks in advance for your help in improving safety on the BPR campus.  I am sure none of the students want to see the day when FIS has a school uniform.......but if they cannot make their lanyard/ID cards visible, this would be the next obvious stage!

Mark Williams
Principal International Stream Secondary School