Project Voltaire

Issue 07: 28/10/2022 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements)

FIS continues its adventure with Project Voltaire to give students all the means to improve their mastery of spelling and the French language. Accompanied and guided by their French teachers, students work on this digital platform for evaluation and training in spelling. Projet Voltaire allows students to become aware of their difficulties and to remedy them. For each student, the platform establishes a personalised training programme, focusing on the spelling rules that they have not mastered. Throughout the course, the programme continues to adapt, step by step, to the student’s pace of acquisition and difficulties. The aim is to allow the student to fill in the gaps, consolidate their knowledge and further develop their linguistic skills. This tool reinforces and diversifies the pedagogical system for mastering the French language.

Olivier Descambs
Head of Literature and Philosophy