First reading circle in 2nde A

Issue 06: 21/10/2022 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) 2nde

The students of 2nde A participated in their first reading circle of the year. On the menu were the four works of the Segalen Prize.

For the record, the Segalen Prize was founded in the school some fifteen years ago, and it has long mobilised French high schools in the Asia-Pacific zone. Students in the second year of high school vote for their favourite book from a selection of four books. This year, in addition to Believing in the Beasts, by Nastassja Martin, the selection includes En attendant Bojangles, by Olivier Bourdeaut, Petit pays, by Gaël Faye, and the comic book dedicated to Alexandra David-Neel by Frédéric Campoy and Mathieu Blanchot.

During the reading circle, the students try out several roles: moderator, speaker, session secretary or passage master. They discuss three major issues from the book, chosen collectively. This is a way to enrich their understanding and also to develop oral skills related to the debate genre.

Yanis Loggia
Professor of Literature