Inspiring Women

Issue 05: 14/10/2022 , Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y13, Terminale

As part of the Student Room Renovation Project in  BPR located on the 5th floor, Justine J. (CVL member) raised funds to decorate the large wall with 4 large paintings (100×100 cm) and collaborated with 3 other art students. These paintings are now on display and are really outstanding!

Claire N. and Zoe W. in year 13 ( IB Visual Arts ) and Victoria R. (Terminale) along with Justine, challenged themselves and paid tribute to 4 inspiring women providing high-quality acrylic and oil paintings.

Their portraits depict 4 amazing and powerful women such as :

Congratulations on your creative work and a great tribute to these incredible women! With comfy sofas, new furniture, and nice decoration, the study room is a place to be!

For further information: @creART852

Isabelle Bezançon
Visual Arts teacher / RDD Arts