Issue 6: 21/10/2022 FISCA

We did it! 25 parents and 25 children, 4.9T of soil and compost materials, 4 hours and lots of hard work and the gardening grounds at the Jardine’s Lookout campus are ready for planting!

Thank you to each and every volunteer for your efforts! It was a fantastic morning and a true community event where students, parents, and school staff came together to create a sustainable project for our school.

We are planning additional gardening activities and will soon be planting and growing veggies. Watch this space for more opportunities to get involved!

To sign up for future gardening events please email us at

If you would like to be added to the FISCA (French International School Community Association) mailing list or would like to know more about our upcoming events and activities, please email us at


Do you want to learn more about the causes and consequences of climate change? Do you want to understand the links of climate change, share your feelings and discuss solutions?

Then SAVE THE DATE for the school's upcoming Climate Action Kick-Off Day

You will be able to participate as a Climate Fresk Facilitator, Co-Facilitator, or as a complete newbie and have the chance to enhance your climate literacy. This Kick-Off Event will just be the beginning of the school’s Climate Action Plan with many more mitigation strategies to come.

03 December 2022, TKO Campus (more info will be published soon)

If you have already participated in a Climate Fresk Workshop or have prior knowledge about climate change, the school is providing a free Climate Fresk Facilitator training on 12 November 2022, 9-12:00, BPR Campus.

Please send an email to, if you would be interested to join.

Nicole Boisvert
FISCA Team Member