BPR IS Lunchtime Clubs Are Back!

Issue 3: 30/9/2022 International Stream Blue Pool Road Notices (Upcoming Events) Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13 Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs at BPR IS (Term 1)

Our lunchtime clubs are returning! After two years of disruptions to our lunchtime clubs, we are pleased to begin offering them again. Our lunchtime clubs are organised or supervised by teachers to enrich our student’s school experience. While a couple of clubs have already started and others will be starting soon, they are all open to students joining them. Please find a description of each club below and the teacher to contact for more detailed information.

Battle of the Books

HK Battle of the Books is a live school-on-school battle to find the book trivia champion school. The competition is open to international primary and international secondary schools, as well as local primary and secondary schools through a special modified section.

The Battle of the Books programme was introduced to Hong Kong international schools in 1999. Since this time, it has grown significantly. Battle of the Books is designed to introduce students to a variety of reading material, build teamwork skills, and ensure that reading is fun.


  1. Teams consist of a maximum of 12 members, with 6 members playing each round.
  2. A round consists of 12 questions.
  3. Each team has 20 seconds to answer after each question.
  4. A question answered incorrectly is passed across to the other team, who then have 10 seconds to answer.
  5. Correct answer scores: 2 points for the correct title and 1 point for the correct author. A maximum of 2 points can be scored for passover questions.
  6. The winner of the competition is the team accruing the most points.

Contact Mr. Wilson for more information.

Beach Cleanup Club

The club is, essentially, an occasional club whereby we will work in conjunction with a local charitable organisation, A Plastic Ocean, to go on Beach Clean-ups, Flag Day Fundraising Campaigns, and other initiatives that the organisation runs.

This club is essentially a long-term service activity, but we will need a lot of members once every couple of months or so. Factors that affect where and when include the weather and the tides so it is not possible to run a regular service. Moreover, we will take a long-term, whole-year approach.

Contact Mr. Wilson for more information.

Chinese Debate Team

The Chinese Debate Club is a student-led club, newly founded this year. This club is targeted at beginners and will be formed with the intention of participating in Chinese Debates in the next academic year. This club will teach students how to debate compellingly, and encourages student initiative to become involved- the club allows those who join to improve their Mandarin speaking skills. The club invites all students who can speak mandarin to join, no matter their ability level, but is led by a group of native mandarin speakers.

Contact Ms. Zhang for more information.

Chinese Support Club

This club is open to students from years 7 through 13. As the name suggests, it is a club that offers support to students studying Chinese. Students can come for extra help or to receive enrichment materials to coincide with the materials they receive in their classes.

Contact Ms. Guo for more information.

The Debate Teams - Junior and Senior

The debate teams are an opportunity for students to participate in the fierce clash of ideas in the realm of public speaking. They will be learning the foundations of debate and developing their skills in order to compete against some of the best public speakers in Hong Kong. We will be attending tournaments such as the World Scholar's Cup and the HK Schools Debating Championship. Students do not necessarily need to have a background in public speaking to participate but should at least demonstrate an eagerness to engage in the activity.

Junior team:

Senior team:

Contact Mr. J. Chan for more information.


The LGBTQ+ Alliance is a club meant for both members of the LGBTQ+ community and people who are simply curious and want to learn. The three club leaders: Conor Shum, Ines Tang, and Nikki Thorne will present information, encourage in-depth discussions of issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community, and more. Feel free to attend one of the meetings whenever you want to! Some topics to be discussed in the future include basic introductions to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, gender, sexual orientation, and more. Updates will be posted on our Google classroom (code: sbtjuhv).  We hope to see you soon!

Contact Nikki Thorne or  Mr. Wilson for more information.

Music Fiesta Club

A musical experience focusing on vocal technique, singing with expression, posture, and movement. Each student will get the experience of singing a variety of songs from musicals, pop, and jazz songs. In each session, we will explore singing and playing selected percussion instruments.

Contact Ms. Wang for more information.

Physics Olympiad Club

This club is intended for current physics students to train for future Physics Olympiads and other physics contests.

Contact Mrs. Pescod for more information.

Rock Band Club

This music club will give you a chance to meet other musicians from different year groups. If you love to play guitar, drums, keyboard, and sing or simply just want to learn, observe and have a rocking good time with the group, come join in the fun! What a great way to make music together, and get to know each other better through sharing your favourite bands and singers with one another!

Contact Mr. Cheong for more information.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths. This club will provide opportunities for students to experiment and learn about different technologies and apply them in creative ways.

Contact Mr. Woolley for more information.

The World Scholars Cup

Want to go to Yale University? Love Alpacas!?

Well, read on…..FIS has a great history of sending students all over the world for the infamous World Scholars Cup and has even sent a delegation to the season-ending Tournament of Champions at Yale University near Boston in the USA.

So what is the World Scholars Cup?  Well, in the words of its founder, Daniel: “It’s a celebration of learning. (Just ask the “ninjas” who raided the Taiwan Round in 2012 to demand more guides to study.) It brings together many subjects because before we can begin to specialize, we need to see the big picture. It challenges teams to work together because there’s nothing harder or more inspiring than knowing that someone else depends on you. And it deals with serious global issues without taking itself too seriously, because I’m convinced that before we can fall in love with learning, we have to find the fun in learning.”

The past two years have been tough in that the WSC has not taken place in Hong Kong.  However we are optimistic that it will do so this year, and so we invite Year 7 to come and learn more over Term 1 2022.

Contact Mr. Williams for more information.

Timothy MacLean
Clubs Coordinator