Why FIS?

Do I need to be French or speak French?

No. Neither you nor your child need to be French or a French native speaker to join us.  

FIS is a truly multicultural school and welcomes students from over 40 countries into two different streams. Multilingualism is at the heart of the school’s philosophy and we place great importance on language learning.  

In the international stream, classes are taught in English, meaning there is no need for your child to speak French when they join FIS. French as a foreign language (FLE) will be gradually incorporated into their curriculum.

It is possible to apply for the French stream if no one in your family speaks French, however it does depend on your family’s plans and the child’s age. Some guidance is below, but please get in touch with the admissions team so they can understand your motivations and determine how practical it is.

In kindergarten

A child joining FIS without speaking French can pick it up quickly. We offer tailored courses to help with language acquisition and make the transition to kindergarten easier.

From CP to CM2

Students must have a good level of French so that they can follow lessons.

At lower and upper secondary

Proficiency in French is essential as the curriculum is intense and exams are approaching.